Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fleece Washing Adventure

After buying the fleeces last week, of course, they need to be processed.  I've been washing the 7.5 lb Corriedale fleece and it's doing this magical thing - the original big laundry bag I loaded it into seems to still be about as full as it was before, but there are 6 bags of washed fleece in the basement (drying on my laundry rack), each containing 1.5-3oz of washed fleece AND I have what looks like a good bit of washed fleece in a comforter bag in the family room.  How is it doing that?  It's expanding.

I'll take more pictures tomorrow, but I took a few pictures earlier this week:

 Fleece about to be washed

 Fleece after washing.  It's not QUITE as white as I was expecting.  I wasn't sure if it didn't get clean enough because the tips were a bit compacted or if it's just not completely white.  Today I experimented with opening the tips with a dog comb before washing.  When  I take a look at the hopefully mostly dry fiber in the morning that I washed this evening, I'm hoping for improvement.  It was a bunch of extra work to do that.

I combed a bit of the stuff I washed earlier this week, just to see how it looked after the tips were opened.  These are St. Blaise 2 pitch combs.  They're bigger than mini combs, but smaller than big English combs.  I'm using some lovely Irwin clamps (from my tool area) to hold the combs to my deks on top of some pleather for a non-stick surface.  It works really well.  Those clamps hold like iron (they're also quite heavy), but they don't damage anything.

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Karla said...

I think that fiber looks lovely! Now, what is the purpose of the combs? They look kind of neat :)